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Premium Trading & Logistics

Since 2004 Premium Trading & Logistics has supplied trading and logistical support for Prudential Shipping and its clients including planning, co-ordination and tracking that allows goods to be delivered on time and hassle free.

These specialised services include: freight forwarding, customs clearance, BOI documentation and acting as Indenting Agents for a few selected clients in the petroleum and marine industry.

Helanka Vacations

All of us at Prudential Shipping are very proud of our country and we want to share its beauty and diversity with as many people as possible. Which is why we created Helanka Vacations to offer specialised and custom-made tours around the country.

Helanka handle everything from accommodation reservations through car hire, guide services and even entry to places of interest to ensure the client only has to sit back and enjoy the experience.

Whatever type of holiday is required, Helanka has the skill and knowledge to deliver.

Helanka offers services not only to the holidaymaker, but also to the business traveller for all requirements.