We are proud to be the local partner for the Kanoo Shipping network. Starting operations as the very first Arab shipping agency in the region in 1890, Kanoo has grown into the largest, family owned regional shipping agency in the Middle East. Covering the Gulf, Red Sea and Indian sub-continent through its centralized finance and communication operations. Kanoo now represents some of the largest ship owners and operators in the world and handles a phenomenal 15,000 port calls a year through its network. To handle such capacity requires world-class IT facilities and global agency systems. Through these it provides a complete range of port agency services including Offshore support craft Crew movements Sea, Air and Marine logistics Kanoo also partners with vessel supply and marine engineering companies to ensure the smooth operation of all types of vessel regardless of size through their full servicing facilities.


We are proud to be the local partner for the S5 Agency World network.Whilst S5 is the fastest growing international port agency network in the world, growth in this highly competitive market can only come from one thing. A powerful reputation gained through an ability to tailor-make its process to suit the changing needs of the client. Knowing that different sectors have different needs allows S5 to offer innovative solutions, irrespective of carrier type including Tankers, Dry & Break Bulk, Cruise, Naval and specialised vessels. Its world-wide port offices, integrated operational and financial hub and totally transparent systems gives S5 a distinct advantage over its competitors. Whilst S5 fully complies with international regulations and local laws, it does so in a way that allows it to combine social, environmental and economic values to achieve the highest possible ethical standards. Their one goal is to produce a positive, sustainable impact on their clients, their partners and the wider community.


In a competitive market it’s rare for companies to work together, yet this is exactly how the Freight Organization of Related Cargo Experts (FORCE) came into existence when, in 1982, 6 freight forwarders from Europe, The USA and Africa came together to create a mutually beneficial relationship between individual clients and the company.