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Due to the prevailing COVID19 situation, the Maldivian government has suspended arrival of international flights from India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal to Maldives from 12th May 2021.

Therefore Govt. approved vendor arranging a charter flights exclusively for seafarers between Doha and Mattala from 19th May 2021 onwards discontinuing the Male operation during suspension by Maldivian authorities is in force.

DOH/HRI/DOH flight schedule with technical stop in MCT ( Muscat )

Flight NoDepature StationArrival StationDeparture TimeArrival TimeEQPTEFF Date
OV1234DOHMCT 10:0012:35A320N19th May 2021
OV1431MCTHRI13:2519:25A320N19th May 2021

OV1432HRI MCT20:2523:30A320N19th May 2021
OV1237MCTDOH00:2000:50A320N20th May 2021

QR7378DOHHRI02:0009:40A32024th July 2021
QR7379HRIDOH11:4014:25A32024th July 2021

QR7378DOHHRI02:0009:40A32031st July 2021
QR7379HRIDOH11:4014:25A32031st July 2021

Q2 6944MLEHRI23:5902:10A320 / Dash 805th of October 2021
Q2 6945HRIMLE04:5006:00A320 / Dash 806th of October 2021

Z2 8160MNLHRI09:3012:5507th of October 2021
Z2 8161HRIMNL13:5522:3007th of October 2021

Q2 6944MLEHRI23:5902:10A320 / Dash 812th of October 2021
Q2 6945HRIMLE04:5006:00A320 / Dash 813th of October 2021

Z2 8160 MNL HRI 09:3012:5514th October 2021
Z2 8161 HRI MNL 13:5522:3014th October 2021

Q2 6944MLEHRI23:5902:10A320 / Dash 819th October 2021
Q2 6945HRIMLE04:5006:00A320 / Dash 820th October 2021

Z2 8160 MNLHRI9:3012:5521st October 2021
Z2 8161HRIMNL13:5522:3021st October 2021

Q2 6944MLEHRI23:5902:10A320 / Dash 826th October 2021
Q2 6945HRIMLE04:5006:00A320 / Dash 827th October 2021

Z2 8160MNLHRI09:3012:5528th October 2021
Z2 8161HRIMNL13:5522:3028th October 2021

Q2 6944MNLHRI23:5902:10A320 / Dash 802nd November 2021
Q2 6945HRIMNL04:5006:00A320 / Dash 803rd November 2021

Z2 8160MNLHRI9:3012:5504th November 2021
Z2 8161HRIMNL13:5522:3004th November 2021
Updated At 12:37PM 2021/09/22
Date LocalCarrierDepArrSTD LCLSTA LCLA/C TypeSVC Type
01st of JuneQR 7378DOHHRI02:0009:40A320C
01st of JuneQR 7379HRIDOH11:4014:25A320C

06th of JuneQR 7378DOHHRI02:0009:40A320C
06th of JuneQR 7379HRIDOH11:4014:25A320C

13th of JuneQR 7378DOHHRI02:0009:40A320C
13th of JuneQR 7379HRIDOH11:4014:25A320C

20th JuneQR 7378DOHHRI02:0009:40A320C
20th JuneQR 7379HRIDOH11:4014:25A320C

27th JuneQR 7378DOHHRI02:0009:40A320C
27th JuneQR 7379HRIDOH11:4014:25A320C

03rd of JulyQR 7378DOHHRI02:0009:40A320C
03rd of JulyQR 7379HRIDOH11:4014:25A320C

10th of JulyQR 7378DOHHRI02:0009:40A320C
10th of JulyQR 7379HRIDOH11:4014:25A320C

17th of JulyQR 7378DOHHRI02:0009:40A320C
17th of JulyQR 7379HRIDOH11:4014:25A320C

24th of JulyQR 7378DOHHRI02:0009:40A320C
24th of JulyQR 7379HRIDOH11:4014:25A320C

31st of JulyQR 7378DOHHRI02:0009:40A320C
31st of JulyQR 7379HRIDOH11:4014:25A320C

07th of AugustQR7378DOHHRI02:0009:40A320C
07th of AugustQR7379HRIDOH11:4014:25A320C

14th of AugustQR7378DOHHRI02:0009:40A320C
14th of AugustQR7379HRIDOH11:4014:25A320C

21st of AugustQR7378DOHHRI02:0009:40A320C
21st of AugustQR7379HRIDOH11:4014:25A320C

28th of AugustQR7378DOHHRI02:0009:40A320C
28th of AugustQR7379HRIDOH11:4014:25A320C

04th of SeptemberQR7378DOHHRI02:0009:40A320C
04th of SeptemberQR7379HRIDOH11:4014:25A320C

02nd of OctoberQR 7378DOHHRI02:0009:40A320C
02nd of OctoberQR 7379HRIDOH11:4014:25A320C

09th of OctoberQR 7378DOHHRI02:0009:40A320C
09th of OctoberQR 7379HRIDOH11:4014:25A320C

16th of OctoberQR 7378DOHHRI02:0009:40A320C
16th of OctoberQR 7379HRIDOH11:4014:25A320C

23rd of OctoberQR 7378DOHHRI02:0009:40A320C
23rd of October QR 7379HRIDOH11:4014:25A320C

30th of OctoberQR 7378DOHHRI02:0009:40A320C
30th of OctoberQR 7379HRIDOH11:4014:25A320C

06th of NovemberQR 7378DOHHRI02:0009:40A320C
06th of NovemberQR 7379HRIDOH11:4014:25A320C
Updated At 01:51PM 2021/09/21


All times in local
Layover – 01 Hour
Baggage – 30 KG
Meals – Included

First come first service on full payment basis.

Condition Applies – PPP is not responsible for any travel advisory imposed by the Government of Doha due to the prevailing escalation in covid-19 variants due to dynamic situation globally which may result in rescheduling of confirmed flights or affect of some nationalities after full payments. 

Rules & Regulations

Please note – 

  • Rates and availability will be quoted as per current times. 
  • Rates can change without any prior notice and as per seat availability at the time of ticketing.
  • These are Charter flights subject to last minute cancellation by the operators
  • Passengers CANNOT leave the airport during any transit at airports.
  • The Tamil Nadu E-Pass has to be downloaded and filled before arrival to Chennai. Link will be shared on confirmation.
  • Reservation / Date change fees will apply.
  • Ticket Refund Charges may Apply.
  • The Government of Sri Lanka approvals are required for ticketing / arriving in Sri Lanka.   (MoFA/CAA)
  • Negative PCR test results, done within 96 hours of departure is required,  on departure Sri Lanka. 
  • There will also be a couple of forms, declarations, on-line forms for all psgrs to fill in and will be shared on confirmations of reservations.
  • Airline, transit country, arrival country requirements, procedures apply

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