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One of the biggest potential bottlenecks for any shipper & importer is customs clearance. In any country.

Yet, having experts on hand with a deep knowledge of both local and world-wide regulations means we can create bespoke solutions via our team of logistics professionals.

At each stage of the clearance journey, our experience allows you to make the right decision, reduce clearance lead times, maintain your cash-flow and minimize taxation.

All this is offered through one of our associate companies, Premium Trading & Logistics Ltd. As a fully licensed customs broking house, they supply full logistics solutions to both importers and exporters with emphasis on clearing, warehousing and inland transportation.

But that’s only part of our service.

What you’re looking for is a personalised solution for your inland delivery needs.

And we have multiple solutions to ensure you receive just that.

Because we have an extensive network of transport providers covering the entire island, we’re able to provide flexible services to ensure your products are delivered safely, securely, on time and to the right destination. Constant monitoring of your goods means you can also stop worrying where they are located at any given time.

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